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IRIS is a new generation payment terminal that enables registered users of a Bank or a payment institution to handle their accounts and cards as payment instruments.

IRIS App is the best payment app alternative for a Payment terminal and allows payments person-to-person.

Perfect opportunity for all businesses to forget about any regulations for "available" payments and jump straight to effortless paying.

Iris App
  • Multilevel architecture

  • Independent from DB, Application server

  • Cross device web interface

  • Multi-functionality

  • Multilanguage

  • Multilevel of Security

  • ITIL web based application for automation of the process for management of IT services and centralized management of business processes

  • Flexible system, created by combining of several modules, with the possibility of autonomous and integrated functioning of each of the modules


Accessible anywhere at anytime
Fast performance
Person-to-Person transactions
Convenient user interface
Simple and intuitive design
 Secured with 2FA authentication


Management of IT services and centralized management of business processes.

  • Maintains ITIL processes for management of incidents, problems, changes/change management/, versions/release management /, levels of services /service level management/

  • Immediate notification to end users about the state of the incident, problem, change

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