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  • Multilevel architecture

  • Independent from DB, Application server

  • Cross device web interface

  • Multi-functionality

  • Multilanguage

  • Multilevel of Security

  • Unified DWH database from multiple systems

  • Generates all necessary reports and adjoining forms compliant with ECB requirements

  • Ensures history log of all data, changes, settings and reports



  • Data merging into a common information pool for the purposes of reporting under the requirements of Regulation 575 of 2013 and concomitant reports

  • Data control during ETL processing – logical validation control

  • Data validation after consolidation and transformation stage – data storage into reporting tables with optimal set of details, as required for direct generation of ECB report 

  • Visualization of errors and data adjustments

  • Consistency validation between the different reporting forms

  • Module-oriented reports visualization

Predefined interfaces to Oracle FlexCube
Continuous operating mode of the system
Convenient user interface
Single panel access to all modules
Available to the user administration via Web-based client interface, providing option to maintain nomenclature values, edit reports, define and modify settings
Unification of information needed for the reports generation in the required form